Redemption and Change! Chapters 8 and 9

About the Content:

Chapters 8 and 9 contain extremely important information. In fact, the heart of everything comes as we can learn to respond and answer the question “can God do it?” Yes! Yes! Yes! We looked at what actually needs to take place to make a person leave the lifestyle of insanity and enter in the mode of genuine healing and recovery. We focused on the notion of darkness and light, and how connecting to God is connecting a power source. The primary things that God does through a connection is:

1. Reveal truth
2. Reveal who He is (the authentic person)
3. Reveal who we are in Him (Our authentic person)
4. Offer us the opportunity to be cleansed and made whole

This is a life changing perspective, and one you won’t want to bypass. Let’s not allow distractions to take away the truth He wants to reveal.  Chapter 9 also entailed the struggle with change and some of the practical roadblocks that can occur. For families who will be going through addiction recovery, this is going to hit close to home.

Download Notes:

Change and Adjustments Chapters 8 and 9


I am including a recording that was re-taped. This does not reflect the new software or size, but it will get the job done! Please e-mail me with any questions.

Next week:

We are diving into some amazing truths. Chapter 10 we will not cover deeply as it is included in the following workshop in detail. But we do want to introduce the concept of how and why a family member needs recovery. Chapter 11 will begin to instill how the family itself can begin to heal and reconnect. Remember, construction sites are messy, and things sometimes seemingly get worse before they get better. Whatever you do, don’t lose heart. God is a master builder. And if you do nothing else but trust Him, you can’t lose. No guarantees someone else will change, but there is a strong guarantee that He can help you.

Homework: Read Chapters 10 and 11 and respond to any questions.

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