Chapter 12: Family Planning

imagesACR5TS2RWe made it! Today was our last day for the workshop. I am posting all the final recordings, and after this the recordings will be tucked under the 7-week workshop links!

I really enjoyed this group, and also the webinar group that hung in there through our technology changes. We were blessed and honored to have each of your participate.

This final chapter on Family Planning put everything we learned into a packaged form, and provided some practical tools to begin to implement realistic steps. The truth is, addiction is a nasty enemy to have to combat. We must first go forward in the strength and power of the Lord. From there, He will lead and guide each of us in how we need to manage our unique situations. Planning is not about controlling, but orchestrating an environment of respect and honor. It also allows for truth to be spoken, and the principles or forgiveness and reconciliation to begin to take root. This is important as it creates the atmosphere where change is allowed, and God can be invited.

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