Chapter 12: Family Planning

imagesACR5TS2RWe made it! Today was our last day for the workshop. I am posting all the final recordings, and after this the recordings will be tucked under the 7-week workshop links!

I really enjoyed this group, and also the webinar group that hung in there through our technology changes. We were blessed and honored to have each of your participate.

This final chapter on Family Planning put everything we learned into a packaged form, and provided some practical tools to begin to implement realistic steps. The truth is, addiction is a nasty enemy to have to combat. We must first go forward in the strength and power of the Lord. From there, He will lead and guide each of us in how we need to manage our unique situations. Planning is not about controlling, but orchestrating an environment of respect and honor. It also allows for truth to be spoken, and the principles or forgiveness and reconciliation to begin to take root. This is important as it creates the atmosphere where change is allowed, and God can be invited.

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Families in Addiction – Chapters 5 & 6

Recording from 9/16/2014: Families in Addiction

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Today we looked at some of the difficulties related to the family’s method of adaptation and survival when under the influence of an addictive dynamic. What we learned revolved around the reality that the family is by default affected, and therefore learns a variety of ways to cope. While these survival techniques are understandable, they are also very toxic. They can imprint faulty messages and beliefs into the family members lives that can cause life-long pain and struggles.

For family members to recognize and relate to the difficulty of a family system that contains a faulty centering point, there is hope. We were reminded once again that we must be willing to gain the perspective of Jesus at the site of our storms. We must begin to declare that He is bigger, He is able, He is worthy. Many times, families give up and leave before an authentic solution can be brought. They succumb to the overwhelming circumstances and feel unable to face or look at what is happening underneath the “rubble.” But the question must be asked: is Jesus enough? Can He fix what is sabotaged or broken?

By looking and assessing our own storm, we may feel overwhelmed. But when we become willing to create the atmosphere of redemption, we can be assured that Jesus will respond.


—Honesty is the first step in securing an environment where God can work. Are you willing to do the assessment process? What holds you back? What do you fear in facing the site of the storm? Can you relate to adaptive role playing? Why do you think you did that? If you did it, can you understand the reasons?

To encourage:

Wherever we are in our journey, God stands ready to meet us. He loves enough to accept everything about us and our circumstances as it is; but He loves us too much to let us exist in the mode of survival. When your heart has been broken, finding hope can feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. But hope is the driving force that will allow us to move away from the destruction and despair of circumstance, and into the redemptive reality of who God is. Don’t lose hope. He said in His word that in this life we would have tribulation, but to be of good cheer, He HAS overcome. Do you believe that? 

Families in Addiction: Week 1 – Introduction

Sad Teenage Girl

The hurt. The pain. The crisis. Today we talked about the reality of addiction, while framing it with the hope we have that God really is above our cultural and personal interpretation of it. Most people enter in this process broken, hurt and angry. They don’t know the “why” of addiction. They don’t  know the “how” to deal with it either. We spent today challenging our understanding and preparing our hearts to be willing to receive a different perspective and the hope that God can intervene.

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Please read Chapters 1-4. Next week we will discuss in detail the nature of addiction including it roots and drive in the body, soul and spirit. It’s an important and foundational class needed to facilitate the conversation of this entire process.

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