About the Authors

About Robert

Robert was born and raised in New York where he battled drug addiction from a young age. Though he became a successful business man, his strugglebothofuss left him near-dead on multiple occasions, and eventually with the grim sentence to a prison cell. Left without options, Robert yielded his life completely to Jesus Christ. In a place where freedom was seemingly lost, Robert’s freedom had finally begun. God asked Robert to confront his past, including his hurts, wounds and wrongdoing openly and honestly. He confessed, repented and renounced the sins he had committed, and in turn forgave those who had harmed him. This process did what no other treatment program could – it broke the chains and led him to experience God in fullness.

Not only did he experience the amazing benefit of God’s help, but he was given a miraculous opportunity to be released from prison and brought back into society where he developed a ministry to help others. Over fifteen years later, Robert founded and now directs New Life Spirit Recovery. He has assisted or counseled thousands of men and women by utilizing the process of redemption. His testimony, passion and love to help see the addict overcome is evident in all he does. Robert is currently the acting president of The Association of Christian Drug & Alcohol Counselors where he trains future counselors through Biblical principles and solutions.

About Stephanie

Though Stephanie never dealt directly with Robert’s addiction, she was familiar with the vicious and destructive force of addiction. Her battle wasn’t in dealing with the nature of her own addiction, but in being drawn to people who were in the addictive cycle. Eventually, Stephanie learned that her need to rescue and try to fix those around her stemmed from deeper rooted issues. By experiencing God’s authentic grace and love, she was removed from the insecurity and fear of “survival” living and brought into the secure foundation of God’s promises.  One step at a time, Stephanie was able to release the lies of her unworthiness and receive the truth of who she is in Christ.

Stephanie is a passionate speaker and has authored two additional books called The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook and A House that Grace Built. She runs a ministry based on these materials that helps those that want a deeper healing. To learn more, visit http://www.christiancodependence.org

Perhaps of any blessings, the best they have received are two beautiful daughters, Arianna and Isabella. Robert also has two wonderful grown sons, Robert Jr. and Jason and their families who reside on Long Island, NY.

For more information, contact Stephanie@newlifespiritrecovery.com or call 714.841.1906

2 thoughts on “About the Authors

  1. Stephanie, I’m watching your first YouTube video in tandem with The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook and here’s what’s going through my mind initially.

    In video 1 (covering chapter 1) you address the addict and how a Codependent reacts in the relationship but I’m Codependent with my husband but he’s not an addict, he’s depressed and has been as long as I’ve known him. He’s emotionally unavailable but in a different way so do you address this in your book and workbook? Do you have any words of encouragement for me as I begin to recover from Codependency?

    Also, I live in the far north suburbs of Chicago so are there any groups meeting in my area that I can get plugged into here locally?

    Any help or advice would be appreciated!


    1. Hi Denise! The addict is called BCAP -which means Behaviorally/Chemically addicted personality. It is just someone that carries the profile more than the addiction itself. I have another material I’m working that would explain it differently that might help you better understand. I don’t know of any meetings in Chicago, but I do recommend Celebrate Recovery. Stay connected on our main website, http://www.spiritofliferecovery.com – that has tons of free resources and current events, we host lots of online meetings and groups. If you want to receive one on one, we also have that option! God bless you on your journey of healing! My direct e-mail is stephanie@spiritofliferecovery.com


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